Prague, Czech Republic

1386E796-7D71-4E25-ABDE-18FD86326FD8“There is an unspoken bond you create with the friends you travel with.” – Kristen Sarah

First time when me and my friends went to Prague was in 2017, May. The idea came suddenly as we always were talking about girls holiday somewhere – more like city break less than beach holiday. The idea behind that was to join all of us – best 4 friend together as all of us were living in different cities and countries. Later on to make it as every year tradition. But…it’s not always so easy as you might think. There are some obstacles which can make your dream split in pieces.  Me and one of my best friends decided to buy tickets and do this trip anyway. It was great 4 day weekend. Very nice weather- sun was spoiling us and city looked so beautiful that we simply fell in love with it. We had a very good time there that we decided to come back in the same year in autumn. Always something new! Architecture is amazing. It’s worth to see all popular tourist points around the city including Prague Castle and Old town of Prague. You can take every path where you will end up finding something beautiful and memorable. Food is great and beer is very tasty ( if you suddenly have a trip planned in April or May you might get a chance to taste Green beer (Zelene Pivo made by Starobrno) which is popular there and they are producing it just once in a year). Also recommend to try Tredelnik with ice cream or cream – heavenly and loads of it (will cost around 100 to 120 CZK).

Second time we went there in 2017, September. We had a very energetic company of girls. Weather was a bit chilly but it didn’t stop us from exploring city anyway. The prices are good there if you don’t go to posh places (haha) 🙂 We usually trying to  book a flat somewhere in city centre (preferably in the area of Wenceslas Square)  to have a very close distance to everything and the feel the vibes of the lively city life (prices are from 200 to 380 EUR per flat – depends where about is the apartment). Also if you are Hostel fan then there are very good prices – even in the city centre. It doesn’t matter in which season of the year you will go – it’s always beautiful. I absolutely love walks on Prague bridges which crossing river Vltava and walking up to view points to see whole Prague.


We went there third time – this explains how gorgeous is the city of Prague. Believe or not we visited places which we didn’t manage to see on previous trips. Beautiful! Feels like home and so welcoming. Love to bits! Don’t forget about night life – Prague has plenty to offer for all tastes starting from cozy bars to massive clubs with all kind of music. Love privilege of being female and having free entry before midnight in most of clubs 🙂 Or favourite place to start is club bar Dejavu – nice cocktails and great bar and Dj crew. We never miss to spend one evening in club Duplex with nice terrace of view on Wenceslas square. Also not only on night but in day time there are some festivals and events happening during the day across the city – it’s worth to check event calendar if you are a bit of explorer.


I miss you already , Prague and can’t wait for next trip soon ! 🙂