Gili Trawagan, Bali

Three islands – seems like paradise for all type of tourists – hiding near the Lombok cost, Bali Sea. White sand and palm trees, swings in the sea around the island on the side where you can watch one of the most beautiful sunset. We spent there 2 days and for us it was quite enough. We were staying in nice cottage Villa Cinta Cottages


Most of the loudness will come from the horse carriages which will run there every 5 minutes. If you are there, please don’t use horse carriages, as we believe and there are posts going viral, that horses haven’t been treated very well. Don’t be lazy – walk to you destination or use bicycle which was the most popular transport there. We were walking and using bicycles which is fun though! And you have time to see everything around the island.  The bad thing about the cycling there was sandy beach in some of the places and you need to push bicycle for a while. Walk around the island can take up to 3 hours if you walk normally.



First impression, when we arrived there by ferry from Padang bay (duration 1h 30min), was quite negative. Sandy village road, bad smell between narrow streets, dirt and rubbish when stepping out of the ferry, loads of horse carriages waiting for tourists been taken to their villas, apartments or bungalows. We were happy to see our cottage – which was beautiful and cozy – prefect for two and the sunset change my mind about the island – it was beautiful and something which I will remember always.





On day time its very beautiful as the cost has beautiful blue beach but on evening and night time is low tide and the beach is very rocky. My suggestion is to wear sea shoes.

Food is great and don’t miss ‘2 for 1 ‘ cocktails deal 🙂

I think evening time is the most magical there. I didn’t use any filters on my photos and didn’t edit any of them – so believe me – it is like that as it looks 🙂

PinkCoco Gili Trawagan



Told you – it’s magical! I recommend to go to islands but I wouldn’t stay there for a long – if you like to chill and you have plenty of time to travel – then yes, its perfect place to relax. Also, we didn’t see other 2 islands but I have heard and red that they are very nice too. So, if you have planned trip there – maybe it’s worth to see all three of them for a full set of beautiful memories.

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