Mallorca, Spain

“Your love is an island. I am scorched in the sands of it..” (TALOS)

At these times when it’s very different feeling to travel we have managed to escape to Spanish island – Mallorca. This was our second time there – first time we have been there around 6 years ago and then just to have a good time partying in party resort Magaluf. Back then we didn’t knew and didn’t realise how this island can offer so much – views, beautiful beaches, great sunsets and towns surrounded by amazing local people.

To be honest – I wasn’t afraid to travel and meet crowds of people. The main goal of going abroad was to enjoy holidays, see the island, lay by the beach and enjoy the sunshine. This was much needed after all what happened during the winter and spring time.

Airports were quite empty and all standard Covid19 procedures where quick and simple. We were staying at one of Alcudia hotels by the beach and with great views. Still, hotel was quite busy and travellers were coming on daily basis, also families and elderly people. We were feeling completely safe – would say – safer than back in U.K. Our suggestion – as long as you maintain proper hygiene and don’t travel sick – it should be fine. You are the owner of your choices 🙂

The hotel we stayed at was located right on the beach side of Platja de Muro. Beautiful beach – blue and very warm water.

I loved the fact that our balcony actually was with the partial view to the beach and the mountains. The great thing about it all was evenings when neighbourhood children from the local houses were playing long hours outside which reminded me of my childhood warm and sunny summers (summer breaks at schools). Magical island vibe.

The island wasn’t busy with the tourism as it probably would be in the hottest season but still.. whenever we were going to the places ‘must see’ – there was a barely space to park. It wasn’t like you would go and would enjoy the view alone. Another proof that people who want – will travel and will enjoy it despite everything what’s going around.

Mirador Es Colomer Formentor – located in North of Mallorca. I would suggest to go there by car so you can see the majestic views of mountains and beaches. The view is breathtaking and I believe sunset would be perfect there.

Port de Soller – I guess this is very ‘instagramy‘ place for everyone who would take a picture perfect. Water, mountains, mini cafes, pier, boats – all together makes a great atmosphere but I think I liked the town Soller better – it had it magical touch surrounded by mountains and the beautiful church with the train driving through out the old town. We stopped in cafe nearby the Church of Sant Bartomeu and enjoyed the ice cold beer – it was great!

Valldemossa – beautiful historical village located in idyllic valley in Tramuntana mountains. If you are in Mallorca – you should see that for sure. When we were there – it was very quiet, calm and we could enjoy and explore beautiful, tiny streets of the village.

Island has so much to offer and I believe there are more places which we did not manage to see and explore and I think this is the sign that some day we should go back and explore more. But we did manage to see greatest part of Mallorca.

There is never end to the travelling and exploring new places. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the view, enjoy the beauty of travelling.


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