Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

“Travel is more than seeing The World – It’s seeing the world in new way.” /Mark Amend

Three years later and we have decided to see Thailand one more time as it become one of our favourite places to be. This time our base was Phuket and islands around it. The first thing what came in my mind – Oh, no – we came to Russia. Russia? Yes, as signs – everywhere, even in airport and small markets were translated in Russian. No offense but it was a minus straight away. More we moved closer to Patong – more I felt I came to some kind of Russian city. I have a Russian roots – and I was not expecting it to be like that. Seriously! If you are going to Asian country – you expect to be it proper Asian country.. Still, despite that it did not ruined our holiday and we had a very good and amazing time being there.

This blog is about sister island of Koh Yao Yai (between Phuket and Krabi) Koh Yao Noi. The island which hasn’t been mentioned a lot and I have learned about it only from the travel book about Thailand. We thought we need to give a go and see this island and what it has to offer or surprise us with.

How to get there?

Either I had a bad luck in searching for a boat tickets or I did not know something but the only pier where speedboats or long tail boats were going from/ to Koh Yao Noi was Bang Rong pier (Phuket). Or maybe online shops had nothing to offer to me. Next time I would recommend to by tickets at the Pier – it will be cheaper too. The average ticket price to go to Koh Yao Noi was 300 THB (around £7.40) one way. Boats are departing quite often and there are quite few speedboats companies and you can hire long tail boat too – only trip will be 1h long instead of 30 min with speed boat. In our case – to get to Bang Rong pier was quite expensive – as we booked transfer – which cost us £50 return (per couple) as it was 1h drive one way from the Tri Trang Beach where our accommodation was. Both piers has entrance fees (Bang Rong – 100THB and Manoh Pier 10THB).

Screenshot 2020-03-01 at 14.18.02

When we arrived to Koh Yao Noi pier – we could see, mostly locals, who are living here are stopping by, other tourists were going to Koh Yao Yai. I was positively surprised and happy that we were the only ones. Taxi (songthaew) you can get straight away – it cost us 200THB to get to our destination Koh Yao Seaview Bungalows which were located on upper part of island.

The island was rural. I loved it. Not so big traffic – I would say – it was great to drive on their roads without queuing and standing in a traffic like it would be in Phuket or Bali. The place we stayed in was WOW! It was by the seaside and looked exactly as in pictures when we booked it. I think it was one of the best places we have been to.



Biggest surprise comparing to all Thailand and main touristic places was prices – it was much cheaper to be on this island as anywhere else on Thailand. Food was 2x cheaper and very tasty too. The places we were eating at were great and with nice views to the beach or by the beach.

Koh Yao Seaview bungalows

Locals are very nice and very helpful if anything needed. To travel around the island we rented a scooter which we got from our accommodation we stayed at. We paid 300THB for 24h rental – petrol included. At the beginning we thought it’s a bad idea as some roads were so bad that we chose to walk rather to use scooter. Plus is – the main roads are good – it’s just the off roads which were more challenging. Good experience which we will never forget as we found  some great spots like this hidden beach which you can reach by a quite long walk through jungles. It was a bit scary too – as jungle reptiles and animals were making some noises, loads of big spider webs everywhere and we saw a snake moving so quickly from the beach to the jungles. And the best thing – no other tourists on the spot! Loved it!



After hidden beach in far North we moved to south part of the island. The scenery was amazing. The views were great across the coast line with the swings and small spots to enjoy the beach and just to relax. Sounds like a little paradise, right?




Besides exploring the island there is a chance to do yoga – I saw there is a camp and you can have a different sunrise than usual. There are some bicycle trips organised by travel agencies and boat day trips if you are not very keen to stay on thge island but you still wish to explore it. We would recommend to see the hidden treasure at least for a once if you are in Thailand and to feel how those differences can change your experience.

I miss this feeling of freedom and peace, the beautiful and quiet mornings, the experience you gave to us, Koh Yao Noi. See you again -hope there wont be any changes by that time..


Hope you liked it! 🙂
























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