Vienna, Austria

“A sister is a special type of angel of earth who brings out your best qualities.”

This blog is created for my best friends – my sisters Liene and Maija.

As growing up and being the oldest sibling in the family, it always brings the life journey as being as guardian, ‘point of contact’ of parents and bringing loads of responsibilities – which is not the easiest job – if you know what I mean 😀 I had the best of childhood I could wish for and this time of the life was the most precious which I miss the most. I would like to say Thank You for being part of it and wishing more journeys together, as I know, this wasn’t the last one for sure!

To be honest – Vienna is the city where I felt like home. It was so welcoming, ‘warm’ and brought the feeling that I have been there already. The architecture, culture and view of the city reminded me of Milan, Prague, Riga at once. It is beautiful and spacious. People are cool and friendly. I know, that I should learn a bit of basics of German maybe as not in all places they will understand English. But language barrier did not bring any difficulties for us to explore the city and enjoy the vibe.

It was cold but we walked a lot. I wish the weather was more clear and maybe a hint of sun would be great. I think then, all the picture of Vienna would be in different colours and would bring more out of this city.

As we spent there only 2 days – it wasn’t enough to explore and feel the city. But we saw the main architectural monuments and ate the best schnitzel in one of the local restaurants.

We had quite good apartment not far away from Ratzplatz and transport to get around was pretty easy to understand. Mostly used Underground where we spent 8 Eur per 24h pass per person – which I think – it’s cheap. Single journey is 2.40 Eur. Über is expensive and taxi too. It will cost around 28 Eur one way to or from airport. Better consider to use bus (3.30 Eur) or train (CAT) for 12 Eur one way from airport if you like comfort and quick journey.

What we loved and would recommend to see:

Belvedere Palace – beautiful Baroque style palace built in 18th century. As its winter time – gardens outside were a bit grey and not so spectacular as it would be on spring or summer time. I think – this is the reason to return back and see it one more time when the weather will be much better. Also garden pools were empty.


Karlkirche – Baroque church located on south side of Karlsplatz. Beautiful piece of art.


St Stephens Cathedral – located in the heart of Vienna in Stephansplatz. Reminded a bit of cathedral in Milan (Duomo di Milano). You should try the taste of Sacher torte. So good!



Hundertwasser house – architectural piece of art including idea of harmony with nature and man. It’s cool and modern. Worth to see. Not far away from the house is located nice local restaurant where you can try the taste of great Wiener Schnitzel and tasty beer.



Prater – Viennas’ largest public amusement park. It was the best experience. Absolutely loved it and the view from Wiener Riesenrad is amazing. A bit foggy but still great! The cabins are spacious and we were lucky not to stand in the queue at all.



At night time Vienna is beautiful too. Night walks are great and I would say – safe. The most thing which I liked about the city – was spacious roads, specially design walking  and cyclist pathes. Room for everyone 🙂 Great job, Vienna!



The city is MUST see. It’s beautiful, with character, loads to see and wonder about. I love the culture as it makes me feel like home. Thanks to my sisters of being part of this great trip. Love it!

Share your experience – what else should be seen next time?

Explore together!


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