Prague on Christmas time

The magical time of the year. The smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies and hot glühwein (mulled wine). The wait and patience. The time of giving and forgiveness. It’s Christmas time.

In my childhood I always remember the white snow and loads of it! The breeze and frozen fingers and nose. The long walks into forest to find a perfect Christmas tree and excitement to see presents waiting at my Grandmas (Babas) house. I miss that – a lot.. Lately, Christmas celebration didn’t mean a lot for me – most of the time, living abroad, I was working almost each Christmas eve and never had that passion to change something about it. But I guess, as years going by – I have decided to change this routine. It’s a bout being together with your loved ones and it always will be.

My sister and her husband were so spontaneous – they booked trip to Prague. Despite of me being there 3 times – I will always love to go back there. And this is, how we spent Christmas in 2019. It was magical, beautiful and something to remember.

Looking back into my Prague blogs previously, I told, that every time being in this city – there is something new – and this is not an exception 🙂 Somehow, missed to see famous Dancing house (Rašínovo nábřeží) and Umbrella Hanging Man by Michal Trpak , which were visited this year. As well as bar Anonymous with great cocktails presentation. Can not skip the museum of Dali exhibition right in the heart of the city too. On top of this, all the city was looking amazing – with great Christmas spirit and decorations. The sweet smell of tredelniks‘ and my favourite place Good Food with super cool combination of ice cream and tredelnik. Great fact about Prague is that everything is in a walkable distance – good for explorers and for workout too!





I would like to add the beautiful view of Wencheslas Square and great view from top of Duplex terrace and iglü.




This year the Prague trip was different too as previous years I was going with my friends but this time it was with my family and it was Winter time. To be honest, I think this city never sleeps  – so much going on, so many people – every time when I am there! So, I guess, this is a good sign.




And, of course, what can warm your soul more than great Czech beer and food! On top of that would like to add – that doesn’t matter where you are off to – the most important is, with whom you are together with, as this will make forever memories and put the smile on your face on grey day like this ( at least in UK it’s not the sunniest 🙂 )

Don’t forget your loved ones!


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