Zakynthos, Greece

“You have your brush, you have your colours, you paint the paradise, then in you go..”/ N. Kazanzakis

I have a blog “Why We love Greece?” and have decided to make a separate blog about Zakynthos, Greece (Zante) as it is a special place for me. This was the chosen island where I got married. It is perfect – beautiful beaches, great summer time, magical sunset and friendly locals.

Island itself is very small and you can explore it very quickly. But it is so beautiful that you simply fell in love with it. Comparing to other Greek islands – I was surprised how many olive trees are growing there and the noise of cicadas made it different in positive way. It is perfect holiday destination. My favourite places to see:

Zante Town – it is a small town, not the prettiest I have seen but still it is worth to see it.



Keri – As Zakynthos is surrounded with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – blue water beaches are everywhere. And this one was spectacular. ‘Keri Lighthouse” is the best view point to see this incredible art of nature.



Navagio beach or Shipwreck beach – I think a lot of people are visiting Zakynthos just to see this beach – and it worth that! Despite many people being there – the feeling is amazing. You just standing at the edge of the rock – heart is pounding of excitement that you are lucky to be there and see it. It is a wonder.


Paralia Porto Vromi – we decided to be more extreme and instead of traveling around the car we chose alternative – quad bike. It was awesome! The best option to get around the island as the roads are tiny and most of the time navigation will take you to off roads.


We got to see random places and view points and it is the best when you decide to travel without the map.




The best part of every trip is the sunset – as it is beautiful everywhere. It is romantic, nostalgic and like an addiction – magnet – to get back again.


Have a great day, beautiful people! Travel, explore, meet new people and see great places!


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