Milan, Italy

“Milan is elegance and sophistication.” /Lonely Planet

Milano Centrale Railway station

From the moment you arrive to the city centre of Milan you can expect historical, architectural masterpieces mixed with 21st century art – which is great! All of the art looks fantastic and it suits the character of the city.  It creates beautiful balance which you can enjoy by walking through the streets and parks. Sometimes I wish I could have planned longer city breaks just to enjoy the vibe of the city and not to rush to see all what I have planned to see. To sit in park or cafe – to read the book or just simple watch the movement of the city life. But still..short trips are good too. Great memories, emotions and just fun.

My Milan bucket list

  • Milan Duomo – cathedral church of Milan. I think this is most ‘Instagramy’ (not sure if this is correct explanation) picture of all tourists being in the city. The cathedral is perfect – even if there is happening renovation work – it’s stunning. The Queen of the Architectural buildings in Milan. If you happened to be in Milan out of summer season and working day – the queues are short. Or we just were lucky. It’s worth to buy ticket including Rooftop access. You will see the city from different point of view – highly recommending. On sunny day you can see the Alps with hats of snow.


The view from the hotel
  • Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) – the pair of residential towers which are unique by their look. Location: Porta Nova. It is in walkable distance from the Cathedral and if you feel lazy – use Metro – the stations are located next to all touristic objects around the city and easy to orientate.


  • Gelato shops – they are cute, cozy and most of the time busy if shops are located in centre of the city. It’s good sign though – it means gelato should be amazing there. We found one shop on the way to historic district. Nice price, great taste and pretty inside out. My favourite gelato so far – pistachio and vanilla black cherry – great combination.


  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (shopping mall) – The combination of art and shopping at one place. Gorgeous – you must see this place. There are no words to describe it. Littles Cafes are great there but overpriced. If you prefer simple dishes as pasta, salad and pizzas – it is better to go somewhere outside the centre.


  • Naviglio Grande (little Venice of Milan) – cozy place to be. Historical canal of Milan. People were saying it’s great night life there – I bet so. We were there during the day time and it was cute already. Cafes and bars from both sides of the canal. People relaxing, having drinks and chat with friends and families. This is one of the places which you don’t want to leave.



There are many places to be and see. I saw the greatest. Milan is special. It’s great for shopping and exploring. It is the centre of fashion, big brands and elegance but at the same time you will be able to find a nice, small and cozy place which you simply will fell in love with. I wish you all to find that perfect spot.


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