Golden autumn in Latvia

“Autumn..the year’s last, loveliest smile.”/ William Cullen Bryant

I had a short trip to Latvia in October. To visit my family and just to see the magic of ‘golden’ autumn. In my country people believe, including myself, that we have the most beautiful autumn and everyone is escaping to place called Sigulda. You can find many pictures of it on Instagram and other social medias. But this time I wanted to create a different autumn experience, not to be like everyone else. I visited couple of places spontaneously as a curiosity, as invite to visit a friends or to have a trip out with family.

To be honest, I didn’t know that places which I visited 10, 15 years ago look so beautiful now. On my childhood it was nothing special – just a school excursions where more important was to spend given money on crisps, cola and being out of school. Now travelling and exploring is major trend and I am happy that people are introducing about the places others don’t know.

One of my favourite spot on those holidays was Skaņaiskalns Nature Park

It wasn’t overcrowded as it would be in Sigulda. There were couple of people walking with their families and dogs. Probably, because weather was not so good and it was a bit chilly. Perfect place for long distance walks, relax, and active open air activities. The nature is spectacular and everything looks like an art. The trail is 3km long with a lots of view points to stop. Great for kids tho – as there are many wooden creations as for them and grownups.

Eņģeļu ala
Sapņu trepes


Due to my short visit with my friend I captured couple of pictures in my town and my friends city as couldn’t stop doing that – all those colours, air and nature. It was picture perfect! Nothing to add.

Cēsis Castle


Parka cafe


And, of course, I could not wish for better ending – capital of Latvia – Riga.


Old Town Riga, Latvia

My advice to everyone – appreciate what you have around. You don’t need to travel far away – beauty is around you. Explore your country as there are loads of hidden treasures 🙂




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