Labdien or Hello in Latvian

I have decided to start to publish small blogs about my home country – Latvia which is located in north part of Europe and is part of Baltic States. Even if country is very small one, we do have places to see and interesting activities to offer. This time I want to introduce a town called Sigulda and its treasure – Turaida Castle. What is so special about it – please continue to read and you will find out 🙂

Location: Turaida Castle location

How to get there:

  • By bus from capital city – Riga (distance 51km /32 miles);
  • Train – from capital city – Riga;
  • Taxi (which will be quite expensive option);
  • Own transport or rented car;
  • Bicycle or motorbike;
  • Sight seeing tours.

Where to stay:

You can find quite a lot of places where to stay via or Airbnb – closer or more far away from the castle – depends from you how far you will be ready to walk 🙂

When I was younger and still in Primary school – our teachers organised excursions there and on that time – excursion was like excursion – for children more fun than exploring the beauty of the historical monument and the beautiful nature. Apparently, there was a very good reason to visit this great place again – my sisters hen party, later this May, 2019. The weather was perfect and I think this was the main factor why Turaida castle and park around looked amazing and the views like from fairytales. The air was so fresh and trees in full bloom. The colours of park –  can’t describe with words..




The Turaida Castle is located in one of national parks of Latvia – Gauja National Park. The views are incredible and the peaceful nature around makes you feel so relaxed. Highly recommending if you are planning to visit Latvia. For campers it’s perfect place to be!


There is a entry price if you are planning to visit castle:

Turaida Castle info

When we visited the castle it was not crowded at all – might be because we were the last customers before closing time.  But still – the views are amazing and I am happy that after so many years I was able to see and feel it again – the beauty and the peace of Latvian nature, the smell of the forest and relax by the river Gauja.





Things to do:

  • Have a long distance walks around the National Park and the area of the castle;
  • Bungee jumping from cable car;
  • Cable car across the river Gauja;
  • Visit castle it self and spend some time in park around the castle.

When to go there:

Any time of the year is great as it will show different views and moods. The most popular time of the year and the most beautiful is Autumn but we went at the end of spring time – beginning of the Summer time. Still, was good, the fresh and warm air was creating this amazing feeling of being home…

Tell me if you was there and how was it 🙂

The nature lovers will love this place!

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