Thailand (Koh Phi Phi, Poda island, Koh Tub, Koh Hong ) Part II

Paradise, as they say, blu water and happy people island – Koh Phi Phi. It felt like a dream which you don’t want to end. Apart from popular party island status the views and the beautiful beaches are amazing. This was first time trip there and I know it wasn’t the last one. Thailand has something special and I think it’s because country surrounded by so many islands (as they say, 1430 islands) – it’s epic and so much to explore! We booked a bungalow there – it was so cool (Phuphaya Seaview Resort)! We didn’t care about some mosquito bites as we were just enjoying being there.







As we were exploring Krabi side we went on trip to see other smaller islands. They were surrounded by unreal blue water – ideal for postcard pictures. No words..

Tub island
Tub island
Poda island
Hong island
Hong Lagoon

I think Thailand is like ongoing story which has something beautiful to show and tell to everyone who comes to visit it. Looking forward to see you again.

THINGS WHICH WE WILL NEVER FORGET: Amazing nature and beautiful beaches.


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