Santorini, Greece

(Yiassas) Γεια σου – Hello in Greek. A two day break in one of the most popular Greek island.

When I saw pictures with perfectly white houses (smaller and bigger) with pretty blue colored roofs and tiny streets, I added it to my bucket list and we went there last summer combining with the trip to Crete. Overall, I love Greek culture and all Greek islands – there is something special about them and they are different from other parts of the Europe. Santorini is very beautiful and perfect for romantic trip. And sunset is gorgeous there. Enjoy walking between those white houses and streets. Everything looks so perfect there.



We took a trip by Ferry which cost us about 120 euros return ticket for both of us in total. I booked a great apartment with perfect terrace and view. Of course it did cost me loads as it’s quite pricey place and it was the middle of the season but it was worth that to be there and feel the atmosphere – it’s just magical (Archontiko Santorini, Fira).

I think the best time to go there would be around May or June when it’s not so hot there, as we went there in August and the heat was very bad and this is the one of the reasons why we didn’t enjoy the walks through the tiny streets as barely could find any shadow to refresh ourselves.

Food wise – prices accordingly to popularity of the island (around 50 to 60 euros a meal with 1 drink). Or…we just weren’t looking very well for those places where you could save some money and enjoy pretty view. But whatever! Maybe it’s once in a life time trip – so I didn’t regret any money I left – invested there 😍


Go there – see it – Enjoy the magic sunset!

THE THINGS WE WILL REMEMBER: Perfectly white houses and the beautiful sunrise.



What is your favorite memory of Santorini?

4 thoughts on “Santorini, Greece

    1. It is very beautiful indeed. The dream destination for couples ♥️ It is crowded – When you step out of ferry 🙂 we were there couple of years ago in August- the hottest and busiest time of the year but it didn’t feel like very busy – we were still able to take pictures just 2 of us and streets are easy to walk through. Sunset spot is the challenging part – if you have an apartment with the view – it’s the best option – it feels like Ibiza when everyone is watching amazing sunset 🌅 Didn’t regret anything – it’s worth to see it! From my point of view I would not stay there more than 2 days but for romance seekers and weddings it’s great place to be 🙌


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