Guadalest Lake, Spain

The hidden nature treasure in Spain. 53 km from San Juan beach in Alicante. The colour of lake water is so beautiful. On the way to lake you can see the beautiful hills and mountains. By the Guadalest reservoir is small village and a church. Quite popular tourist place. You can enjoy nice meal or pint of San Miguel. The area reminded me a bit of Greek local town – small and tiny streets with souvenir shops and small cafes. View is perfect and we were planning to get to the lake to have a picnic and see it closer but we couldn’t find the way there – there was a small, tiny road – barely drove through it with a car and then end up on olive trees field with dead end. So.. we decided to have a meal there – still was awesome. No people and somewhere in the middle of the village without houses and surrounded by trees. What else you could ask for?😊





Spain has so much to offer and there is so many new places to see – it’s just unbelievable. Go, explore and enjoy the magic of the nature.

THE THINGS WE WILL REMEMBER: Picnic between olive trees and beautiful landscape.


How many shades of lakes have YOU seen so far?

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