Rome, Italy

Buongiorno or Hello Rome – a weekend in Italian style.




The city which is full of architectural and cultural wonders. Roman Empire and Vatican city. It’s so much to see in one place and Rome has it own aura and urban city life which was different from other European cities which we have visited before.

When approaching the Rome, Ciampino airport – from the small window of airplane you can see the houses and buildings like a lego – it was so cool – reminded me of my childhood. Weather was so nice – the last summer days and still can enjoy wearing light summer clothes, even during night time.

City centre is very close – like 40 min drive from airport. Don’t know if I would like to rent a car there and risk to drive as Italians are crazy drivers ! You are thinking – it’s still Europe..but not – the driving culture is different – you need to drive very safely and pay attention to everything what moves around you.

First impressions – was a bit disappointed as we were driving and looking through car windows – nothing was catching our eyes. A lots of small shops and graffitis – graffiti’s everywhere! When we arrived to our apartment – it was amazing – right in the heart of Rome on Via Urbana street. You could feel the liveliness straight when you stepped out of the car. Smaller or bigger cafes, bars and restaurants. People are moving across the street and enjoying the vibe of upcoming evening. We rented our apartment via Despite the loud street life and constantly moving traffic, I would recommend this apartment anyway to feel the spirit if the city (Guest House Urbana). Everything was so close and in walkable distance.




Rome looks amazing during the night time – there are no such a crowds of tourists like during the day time. You can have a nice walk and enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Cafes and bars are lively with locals mixed with tourists. Yes – city by itself is expensive – one of the most expensive cities we have been so far. But it worth that – food is amazing and Aperol spritz tastes so good. Loved the bars on Via Urbana street where they were joint together with small art galleries.







Don’t hesitate your self – Try best gelato (ice cream) and after a walk around the Rome -best refreshing thing – small water fountains – such a great idea. Carry your own bottle of water and you don’t waste money on buying a new one. Actually, Rome has around 2000 different sizes of fountains comparing to any other city in Europe – it makes Rome very special.





Annoying bits:

1. Ticket sellers/tour guides/VIP passes sellers – they are everywhere around the touristic objects and trying to make a deal to every single tourist;

2. Selfie stick sellers – they are everywhere as well, even will come out of some hidden streets and corners  – they even don’t care if you have one!

3. Moto rollers/scooters and cars allowed to drive everywhere – you can’t enjoy nice walk through tiny Romanian streets because you need to let someone drive through them;

Italians – great nation but loud though!🤣

After leaving the city of Rome there is something that will make you miss this place. Maybe because it has it own life, liveliness and history.  Not sure if we will go there any time soon but yes – in the future for sure.


Thank you, Rome, for great memories!

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