Ubud, Bali

I will say the same what I was saying to everyone when we came back from Bali trip – if you want to have a peace, live in stress free environment and just have a good relax – Ubud is the best place to go. Loads of fresh air and it is so green and so natural.

Our villa was in the middle of jungles. We spent there 3 days and for us it was more than enough – good experience though. We enjoyed the peace, warm and fresh morning rain, the sounds of the jungle and beautiful floating breakfast.


Ubud is the special place in Bali. It’s live and beautiful. I am happy that I was there. Our top places to see in Ubud were: Monkey Forest, Tengalalang Rice terraces, Bali Swing and explore Ubud village. We visited all these places around with the scooter.

We were surprised – that the place where we stayed (Amora Ubud Boutique Villa)- everything around was so calm and quiet during the night time comparing the Seminyak where we were before. Nice contrast.


Of course, popular touristic places will be full with travellers. No surprises, as some travellers are early birds and visiting these places in the early morning to make the most beautiful pictures of this green place.




Relax. Breath. Feel the beauty around you.

THE THINGS WE WILL NEVER FORGET: The trip with scooter – it was amazing! And the freshness of the jungle air.


Ubud, thanks for the experience!

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