Marrakesh, Morocco

Ssalamū ‘lekum or Hello in Moroccan. A week in Moroccan style.

I had a dream for a long time – would say 3 years for sure just didn’t know when will be the right time to fulfil it as there were other beautiful dreams ahead. A lot of people were talking about this beautiful and extraordinary culture in North Africa. I saw so many posts, beautiful photos and amazing videos that I couldn’t resist anymore and we bought a tickets to Marrakesh for trip on my birthday. I have a tradition already 3 years in a row to go somewhere where we never been before on or few days before/after my birthday – I usually consider it as a present for myself – and what else you could wish for! We were looking for a nice and warm holiday there as it should be hot – its Africa! Right? But sometimes even in Morocco you have a winter and it’s quite chilly and believe it or not we were asking for extra blankets in our hotel when we arrived there – it was so cold! It’s January – one of the coldest month there. But despite cold weather conditions (mostly on night time) we still manage to enjoy our holidays there – in the heart of Morocco – Marrakesh.


What to know before you are planning to visit Marrakech?

  • Money – They are using local currency dirhams which is about £1=12MD ( depends from currency exchange market);
  • They will try to sell everything to you and they will be very insistent on it that this is what you are looking for but always can end up with agreement to buy it with agreed price from both sides if you really want to buy something particular. Or..just simply say ‘No’ and go away;
  • Morocco is islamic country so wear appropriate clothing – most of the time I was wearing long skirt or trousers ( also it was cold though);
  • The official language is Arabic-Berber but also a lot of locals will understand and speak in French, Spanish and English;
  • Food is amazing!
  • Traffic is crazy in the cities- but if you are a very VERY good driver you can take a risk to rent a car there 🙂
  • Would’t suggest to get lost in streets and Medina of Marrakech as even google maps won’t help you and locals usually are using that and offer to take you out for some amount of money. There a local -legal guides who can take you through Medina and Soaks of Marrakech and its not expensive.

What to see?

Yves Sain Laurent museum – Jardin Majorelle

The most beautiful museum/garden I have been so far. I wish I could feel the peace and quite being there alone as there are load and loads of tourists coming in and the place isn’t massive one but very well maintained and clean.



Dar Marjan Riad -Restaurant

To enjoy and feel local culture I would suggest to stay in Riad (a traditional Morrocan house or palace with garden or courtyard inside it). We had a great evening in one of very nice restaurants which was allocated in one of those kind of Riads. Great food, flowing vine all night long, traditional music and dances – we had a very positive energy load after that evening being there.


Jemma El Fna – Main Market of Marrakech

I believe you can buy there everything – just make sure you have a patients to make a great deals, bargains and money savings 🙂 Check out the view on market from one of cafes/restaurants where they have roof terraces or terraces above the main market streets. It’s great !DSC_0401

Palais Bahia

Palace and sent of gardens built 19th century – very beautiful place. Beautifully decorated with traditional tiles and very spacious. Great place to refresh your mind. We took a half day tour through Marrakech to see beautiful gardens and palaces with pools. and it cost us about £20 each plus you got a chance to have a ride in horse carriage around the city and feel your own ‘a queen/king moment’.

Of course there are more and more gems around Marrakech which is worth to see. We visited Jardin De La Koutobia , Qartier de La Kasbah and Menara Garden – all of them are around the city and even if you fancy to have a walk through the streets – the distances are not far away from each of those places.DSC_0848



There are loads of things to do (mostly when it’s warm and you don’t get cold or wet) and as much as it was cold during the mornings and sometimes rain during the days we still wanted to do a bit extreme activity and enjoy fun ride with the view on Atlas Mountains on quad bikes. Highly recommending! Great ride and amazing views. Also might get chance to drive into one of local villages and get some local breakfast and sweet mint tea 🙂DSC_0433




Overall we loved everything about Marrakech and we would like to come back to Morocco one day and see other beautiful cities like Fez, Casablanca, Tangier and Chefchaouen – I think that country has loads and loads to explore! See you again one day, Morocco!


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