Torrevieja Pink Lake, Spain

To be honest, I didn’t know that we can see this nature beauty here, in Europe! I was very surprised when being in Spain you can find some hidden nature treasures. This is one of them – Pink lake – not far away from Alicante, Spain. We drove with car and it took us around 1 hour from San Juan Beach.

Location of lake

Lake is magical and area around it is very quiet. We didn’t see any tourists. Area of the lake is National Park (Parque Natural de Torrevieja). You will see the signs of ‘Not allowed to swim‘ as of need to respect the nature , natural fauna, and, people saying you can cut your feet as salt crystals are quite dangerous and sharp there. You even don’t want to swim but enjoy the place. Water is pink as there is bacteria called Halobacterium which can live in very extremely salty environment.

Very beautiful, very unique and very relaxing place. Highly recommended to see.

pink 2

pink lake 1

pink lake

THE THING WE WILL NEVER FORGET: The clearness and the mystically pink color of the lake.

Have you ever been in mysterious places like this before?

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